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Our Students

EDM Students

Come from Diverse Backgrounds and Cultures

City College is known for a highly diverse student population including students from almost every community within New York City and attracting students from all over the world. The Electronic Design and Multimedia Program reflects this dynamic diversity, with a vibrant population of local and international students. Our growing body of international students come from Japan, Korea, Singapore, Spain, Greece, India, and many other countries, often coming expressly to study in our department.

Locally, EDM draws freshmen from local high schools, the Westchester area, and an increasing number of students from other states. With close relationships with the CUNY Community Colleges [and an Articulation Agreement with BMCC for the B.F.A.] we also admit many transfer students making the transition from a two year to a four year degree.

Have Strong Professional Orientation and Motivation

EDM attracts students with strong professional interest in design and multimedia. Many students come to EDM with backgrounds in Computer Science, Communications, Architecture and related fields. Students are encouraged to seek interdisciplinary experiences by taking courses in Sonic Arts and Media Communications. While the Art Department doesn't officially offer a minor, many students in related areas of study build mini-specializtions in EDM with advisement.

Gain Real-World Experience by Doing Internships

EDM Students EDM students are encouraged to do internships. See the Internship page for details.

Form Neworking Relationships for the Future

EDM students work closely together in our labs and are often assigned team projects in classes to more accurately mirror real-world work experiences. Long hours spent together in the computer lab often translates after graduation to having an extensive network of future colleagues to network with. Many of our alumni are now in a position where they hire their former classmates.

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