The Robinson Center for Graphic Arts and Communication Design at the CCNY Art Department


Digital Output Center

Located in room 206 Compton-Goethals the DOC provides full and self service printing with an emphasis on exceptional quality and archival output. The self service area is equipped with four Mac Mini computers each connected to a color calibrated monitor and an Epson 3880 printer.

Users are expected to bring their own paper but a small selection of paper is available for purchase using your CityOne card (ID card) or credit card.

Check the Paper Sample Book in the DOC for examples of output on a variety of substrates.

The full service and large format area is run by DOC staff and contains two 44” Epson roll paper printers, the 9900 and 9880.     




The Digital Output Center: Print Prices 2019-20

To calculate the price of a print:

  1. Figure out the size of your print in inches, then calculate ink cost:
  2. (length in inches) x (width in inches) x (cost per inch) = price for ink
  3. Figure out type and amount of paper you will use, take prices from chart or bring your own paper (no charge for paper, calculate ink only)
  4. Add ink price and paper price to get total cost of the print.
The D.O.C. also has a rotating selection of fine art papers, canvas and vinyl on large format rolls.
Samples of current stock and pricing is available upon request in the D.O.C.

Sample Ink Prices
For EDM/DIAP/Photo $.02 in2
For MFA/other Art Department $.025 in2
For Alumni/College/External $.035 in2
Ink prices are calculated by the square inch. Examples below are calculated for the sheet paper in stock at the DOC.
EPSON 3880 (front room)[EDM/DIAP/Photo prices]
8.5"x11 $1.87
13"x19" $4.94
17"x22" $7.48
EPSON 9900 (back room)[EDM/DIAP/Photo prices]
18"x24" $8.64
24"x36" $17.28
30"x40" $24.00
42"x56"" $47.04
Paper Prices
Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Paper Matte
8.5"x11 $.30
13"x19" $.90
17"x22" $1.35
Epson Ultra Premium Photo Paper Lustre
8.5"x11 $.69
13"x19" $1.77
17"x22" $3.00
Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Paper Matte
24" Roll $1.08 ft
44" Roll $1.88 ft
Epson Ultra Photo Paper Lustre
24" Roll $1.60 ft
44" Roll $3.00 ft
FILES DOWNLOAD Large Format and Full Service Prints Instructions

DOWNLOAD Digital Output Center Order Form

DOWNLOAD 'So How Do I Print' an instruction booklet for self service printing