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EDM is

A professional program leading to the B.F.A. degree. The 75 credit major culminates in a semester-long Thesis Project. Application to the B.F.A. is by portfolio.


  • Graphic Design
  • Imaging
  • Illustration
  • Multimedia
  • 3D Design
  • Web Design
  • Typography
  • Animation
  • Video
  • Interactive Design
  • Interactive Design
  • Interactive Design
  • Digital Photography

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What is the difference between the B.A. in Studio Art and the B.F.A. Program in Electronic Design & Multimedia?


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Coming in SPRING 21: Animation Portfolio Master Class

In SP21, thanks to several generous donations, EDM will be running an Amimation Portfolio Master Class. This will be a small group of 4-6 students that will intensively work on developing strong portfolios in animation, directed by Prof. Pilar Newton. Watch the website for information on how to apply and application deadline.

Financial assistance for Thesis production expenses

Starting in SP21, some assistance may be available to offset Thesis production costs. Application will be to Prof. Smith, and all applications will be confidential. More information to come when planning for SP21 Thesis begins.


Download the PDF: Course PROMOS for Fall 2020

All courses are fully online for FALL 2020

Here is the current schedule of EDM classes for FA2020. All classes will be online; instructors will determine the tools and platform for their online classes. There may be some limited slots for students to work in the lab on campus by appointment only. Stay tuned for further information.


Electronic Design & Multimedia • SPRING 2020 BFA Thesis Show

Online Show opening May 22nd, 2020


Poster by Dilan Rodriguez

This spring, for the first time, the EDM BFA Show is online.
Spring '20 BFA projects include: an exploration of Japanese onomatopoeia through typographic animation • design of an artisanal coffee brand that empowers women, spotlighting producers and baristas • an illustrated book of Dominican folktales • an infographic and Instagram campaign to reduce plastic bag use • a cafe branding that recreates the atmosphere of 1960's Golden Age in Egypt called Effendi Cafe.

Visit the SPRING 2020 BFA Show

Course Updates, Summer and Fall 2020:

Check out these updated and Special Topics courses for Summer and Fall. Click and download the full-size PDF.

To the right are two examples from Ada Price's Graphic Novel class from Summer 2018. On the left is a drawing by Alex Naase, and on the right is Tyson's very cinematic comic page with a Western Dino theme.

Fables of Aesop, A Typographic Exploration

The City College Archive Reading Room [NAC Room 5/301] will host the exhibition, Fables of Aesop: A Typographic Exploration from January 30—March 5, 2020.

Work exhibited explores visual interpretations of the fables, as well as employing design as a tool and weapon to communicate ethical purpose. The books in this exhibition were created in Professor Anne Bartoc Fink’s Typography 2 class in Spring, 2019.

Fables of Aesop Exhibition
Last Spring, Professor Anne Bartoc Fink assigned her Typography II students the objective of creating a modern interpretation of Aesop’s Fables. The text would remain as written, but the design of the text could be altered. All illustrations would be created from letterforms alone.

Why this assignment? …as a way to disseminate and develop personal conviction&emdash;to use design as a tool and weapon to communicate ethical purpose. Each story revealed a lesson in the human condition, guiding readers with wit and caution.

We are living in paradoxical times, constantly questioning our belief systems in response to the barrage of information fed to us daily from a myriad of sources. Aesop’s Fables seemed to be the perfect vehicle to address our moral core and potential as effective communicators. Aesop (620—564BC) lived as a slave in Ancient Greece. His tales, told in the oral tradition, have survived over 2500 years of reinterpretation and adaptation.

In the Aesop’s fables assignment, the Typography II students wrestled with the content of each story, redesigning it to enlighten us with the wisdom of these moral tales. Each student was given a single letter which was to be created in two materials, one being paper. When all the books were assembled, they would spell out the title, "Fables of Aesop." Students saw how their individual artistic vision became a valuable part of a whole, greater than the individual parts; in itself a valuable ethical lesson.

Laisa Barros, Pixar's 2018 CCNY summer intern gets her dream job!

LaisaBarros EDM student Laisa Barros (Computer Science major, Digital Design minor with a focus in UX/UI and Animation)who was the first (2018) CCNY summer intern at Pixar, has been hired by Pixar as a Production Support Engineer, the same area as her Internship.

Says Laisa, “My job requires me to be able to communicate with both technical and non-technical people. I am assisting them daily with desktop equipment for their virtual workstations whether it be a faulty hardware or software. I'm also writing scripts for command line utilities or using command line interface tools to diagnose virtual machines issues. I truly enjoy helping people and it's very rewarding to see how happy they get once I fix their workstations. I love Pixar's culture of learning and the constant collaboration and open communication that I have with my team. I feel like everyday I am learning something new and that I am encouraged to do so. I'm really happy I found a way to combine art and technology in my career. I'm super happy to be doing my dream job!”


Pixar's Halloween 2019 Internship presentation at EDM

Pixar's Beth Sasseen, Head of University Outreach, and Sets Art Director Paul Abadilla spoke to an overflow crowd of students gathered in CG252 on October 31st. This was Pixar's third visit to EDM.

Paul Abadella gave students an overview of his career in animation. He showed some whimsical sketches depicting his childhood in the Philippines as well as some of his set design work on Brave, Coco and Monsters U. He then gave a description of his work on the Incredibles II abd showed storyboard animatics for a climactic scene in which Elastigirl discovers the Lair.

Abadilla started as a sketch artist in several Pixar art departments doing shading and set design on the feature films Monsters University and the Academy Award®-winning films Brave Inside Out, Coco and The Incredibles 2. In addition, Abadilla has worked on the short films The Blue Umbrella, Pixar’s first television special Toy Story of TERROR!, LAVA and the Academy Award®-nominated Sanjay’s Super Team.​

He recently wrapped production on the upcoming film Soul which is an upcoming fantasy adventure comedy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios for Walt Disney Pictures.

Beth Sasseen then took students through the steps of applying for the Pixar summer internship. She showed a presentation describing each type of Pixar internship, gave tips about what Pixar looks for in student portfolios and explained the application process. After the presentation, students moved over to Professor Newton's class for portfolio reviews and to continue the conversation!


Apply for a 2020 Pixar Internship!

Pixar offers internships to college students or recent graduates within one year post-graduation. Internships in animation, art, business operations, editorial, marketing, production management, software research & development, story, systems, and technical direction are held in the summer for twelve weeks, or in the fall or spring for six months. Internships are paid, with travel expenses and housing assistance provided, and selection is extremely competitive.

The Pixar online internship system will open for applications December 4, 2019. If you are interested in applying, you will need a portfolio of your animation or other art or design work, a resume, and a cover letter.

Check the Pixar website for current details and deadlines:

Contact Professor Newton-Katz for advice on your application.


Samsung Visits EDM!

Pictured left to right: Erec Koch, Dean of Humanities and the Arts; Jane Sun Kim, Event Marketing Specialist, Samsung; Anne Bartoc, Visiting Assistant Professor, EDM.

Samsung representatives from Content Services and Development visited EDM on Friday, March 22, 2019 and hosted an all-day workshop, Innovative Technology Meets Amazing Design, by invitation of Professor Anne Bartoc and in partnership with EDM’s UX/UI Special Topics class. During the afternoon workshop, EDM students learned how to create an app on a Samsung Galaxy using UX strategies and designer tools. Following the hands-on workshop, the Samsung Talent Team informed students about internships and career opportunities.


Alumni Night, Thursday, April 11, 2011, 5:30-7pm CG 121

Recent grads in Electronic Design and Multimedia who have found jobs in graphic design, motion design and software training at companies including Squarespace, Victoria's Secret, NBC Sports, Vistar Media (UX/UI Design), Droga 5 and freelancing for clients such as The New York Times, PBS, MAC Cosmetics, Bergdorf Goodman, Virgin Cruises, PepsiCo and J.Crew among others return to CCNY to share their job experiences with our current students.

DON'T MISS this opportunity to meet them & hear their stories: what happened after they graduated!


EDM Competitions and Opportunities Calendar

Check out the EDM Calendar for listings of competitions, awards, scholarships and other opportunities for students in the B.F.A. or B.A./Digital Design Concentration.

EDM Library: borrow an art or design book

You can see the list of books in the EDM Library and reserve a book by using the online link to send an email to the EDM Club. Over the summer, we will be putting our book collection reservations online, so you will soon be able to make a direct reservation on the website.If you would like to donate art or design books to the Library, contact the EDM Club or the CLTs.


Award-Winning Designer Chin-Yee Lai Visits the EDM Club!

Chin Yee Lai

Professor Anne Bartoc, EDM Club Faculty Mentor, and guest speaker Chin-Yee Lai (top row, first and second) pose with design-student attendees at an EDM Club gathering for the Fall 2018 semester.

Nationally recognized, award-winning book jacket designer Chin-Yee Lai gave a compelling presentation on November 29 at the final meeting of the EDM Club, for the Fall 2018 semester. During her talk, through photographs and personal anecdotes, she revealed her struggles arriving in New York at age 15, and how she used every connection and work situation, to optimize her path to success as a graphic designer. The advice she shared at the end was invaluable, highlighting the need to be kind (the industry is small), show strong effort (it will be recognized by superiors), and stay positive (it will support all aspects of one's life). Students left the lecture enlightened and motivated.


Spring 2019 EDM Portfolio class visits Guggenheim's In-House Design Department

Janice Lee

Janice Lee, Associate Director, Graphic Design at Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, hosted Professor Christine Sullivan’s Spring Portfolio Class on Friday, March 22, 2019. Students were able to tour the Guggenheim’s Exhibition Department and Graphic Design Department, as well as view invitations, posters, ads, social media campaigns, catalogs, museum guides, and merchandise that Janice designs for the museum (pictured).


B.A.: Concentration in Digital Design

As of FA14, students in the B.A. majoring in Art have a new concentration option—students can select the Digital Design Concentration. For more information go to the Advising page or check with the Art Office. This option is designed for students who are not in the B.F.A. or who are waiting to apply for the B.F.A.

Insurance Policy Required for DOC Checkout

Students who want to check out DOC/Art Department equipment valued at $300 or more must now provide proof of personal insurance for the entire replacement value of the equipment borrowed.See the Checkout page for complete information about this policy and learn how to obtain insurance which will also cover your computer, phone and camera.