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EDM Computer Labs DOC Equipment Check-out

The equipment below is available for checkout by students in EDM and DIAP courses.

Equipment Check-out: students have access to many digital video cameras and several digital still cameras, and may borrow equipment necessary for assignments like wacom tablets and portable sound systems.

DOC Checkout Insurance Policy Requirement

Students who want to check out DOC/Art Department equipment valued at $300 or more must now provide proof of personal insurance for the entire replacement value of the equipment borrowed. No items will be checked out without proof of insurance.

This new policy will replace our previous policy of applying the full purchase price of any lost, stolen or damaged equipment to a student's Bursar Account, thereby putting a hold on the student's bill until the balance is paid.

Lost or damaged items <$300 will still be charged against a student's Bursar Account if not reimbursed directly by the student or by insurance.

Students can buy a policy for College Student Insurance which provides theft and accidental damage coverage for both a student's personal property (like laptops, phones, bicycles etc.) plus any EDM property temporarily in the student's care.

For coverage and pricing visit: There are several companies offering this type of insurance.
We are providing this link for students' convenience since CSI is a company used by many other schools for a similar purpose. However you may choose to get your insurance from another company.

Don't forget to bring proof of insurance when you make your reservation and then come to pick up your equipment.
Loans will not be processed without proof of current insurance

See our equipment check-out policies, sign and return the check-out form and reserve equipment here.

Please read the policies carefully. Checkout has clear time limits and penalties for returning equipment late. Especially in the case of high end or in-demand equipment or equipment where we only have one item, there are restrictions on checking out the same item consecutive times. Students keeping equipment out past the deadline or otherwise using equipment inappropriately will have lab privileges withdrawn.

Additional information is on the lab page. Print Center information, including paper and pricing information is at the Digital Output Center page.

audio Logitech Speakers Logitech LS11 Stereo Speaker System for CD, MP3, PC, or DVD. Plugs in via 3.5mm jack. 1) Speakers 2) Power Cord 2
audio/mp3 Roland Edirol Speakers 3" Active Speaker System 1) Speakers 2) Power Cord 1
audio MusicStar Keyboard MusicStar Reveal Keyboard with Function and Octave Keys - 37 Keys 1) Keyboard 2) Midi Cable 3)Power Supply Cable 1
audio Voice Recorder H2 Handy Recorder from Zoom. Records audio. 1) Recorder 2) Mic Stand 3) USB Cable 4) Supply 5) Hand Stand 6) Earbuds 7) Audio-to-TV wires 1
audio Samson C01U Studio microphone from Samson. Connects via USB to record audio to PC 1) Microphone w/ stand 2) USB Cable 1
audio Audio-Tech Mic Camera microphone from Audio-Technica. Connects via 3.5mm to camera. 1) Microphone with wind buffer and camera stand 1
audio/mp3 Aiptek Aiptek MP3 Player / 720p HD 2GB Hard Drive Digital Camcorder - Blue, Model V2T6 1) Camcorder 2) USB Cord 3) Power Cord 4
camera Nikon D-800 36.3 megapixel FX-format HD-SLR 1
camera Nikon D-90 12.3 MP DSLR Camera with HD Movie Mode 1) D-90 Camera body 2)Nikkor 55-200mm lens 3) 8 GB GF Card 4)USB Cord 5) Audio Cable 6) Strap 7) Nikon Software Suite Disc 8) Camera Instuctions Book 9) Lens Instruction Book 2
camera Nikon D-70 DIGITAL SLR CAMERA & LENS E 3
camera Sony Cybershot Sony Cybershot DSC-V1 Camera, 5MP, 4x Optical Zoom 1) Camera 2) Charger 2, 1 with flash
computer Mac Mini 1.83/512mb/80gb 1) Mac Mini 2) Power Cord/Brick 4
computer Mac Mini 1.83ghz core2/1gb ram/80gb 1) Mac Mini 2) Power Cord/Brick 2
computer Mac Mini 1.83ghz core2/2gb ram/80gb 1) Mac Mini 2) Power Cord/Brick 1
lighting Botero Lightbox, used to refract/buffer light from source. 1) Lightbox 2
lightbox Tracing Lightbox Tracing Lightbox. For drawing or photofilm. 1) Lightbox 2) Power Cable 2
projector NEC Projector NEC NP510w Projector. Connects Via Composite, S-Video, DVI, VGA. LAN Support 1) Projector 2) Carrying Case 3) Power Cord 4) VGA Cable 2
projector Hitachi Projector Hitachi CP-X4021N Projector. Connects via VGA, Composite, Component, USB, GBR, HDMI. LAN support.A 1) Projector 2) Power Cord 3) VGA Cable 2
projector InFocus Projector InFocus IN2114 Desktop projector. Connects via VGA/Serial/Composite output. 1
projector Epson Projector Epson EMP-83 Projector. Connects via VGA, composite, and S-Video. LAN Support. 1) Projector 2) Carrying Case 3) Power Cord 4) VGA Cable (some units missing VGA cable and/or power cord) 5
projector ViewSonic Projector ViewSonic PJ759 Desktop Projector. Connects via VGA, Composite, Component, S-Video input. Supports Audio input via RCA 1) Projector 2) Carrying Case 3) Power Cord 4) Composite Cables (1 unit missing VGA cable) 2
projector Mitsubishi Projector Mitsubishi LVP-X80U desktop projector. Connects via USB, Composite, S-Video and VGA 1) Projector (Bulb 5/10/06, no longer in use?) 1
tripod Cull Tripod Tripod with Swiveling and Rotating head 1) Tripod 1
tripod/stabilizer Glide stabilizer Freestanding Camera stabilizer with handle and multiple screw-in points. 1) stabilizer 3
tripod Pearstone Tripod Tripod 1) Tripod 2) Mounting Plate 3)Carrying Case 3, 1 missing mounting plate
tripod Manfrotto Tripod Tripod, Model 3001BN 1) Tripod 1
video Canon HD Vixia HF 100 Camcorder, w/camera feat. 1) Camcorder 2) USB Cord 3)Straps 4) 8 GB GF Card 5) Charger 6) Extra Battery 1
video Canon HD Vixia HF 200 Camcorder, 2.99 MP 1) Camcorder 2) USB Cable 3) Remote 4) 8 GB CF Card 5) Charger 6
video Flip Video Flip Video - Mino HD 1) Flip Camera 2) Wall Charger 8
video Vado Creative Labs VADO HD Pocket Video Camera, Model VF0580 1) Video Camera 2) USB Cord (Missing Power Cord) 5
video Canon ZR850 Canon ZR850 Camera / 50x Optical, 1000x Digital Zoom / Via SD Card Memory and DV Tapes 1) Camcorder 2) USB Cord 3)FireWire Cord (Missing Power Cord) 2, 1 missing power cord
video Canon GL2 Canon GL2 Pro Camera with 1.7MP Camera feature. Records video on DV Tapes, captures images on SD Card. 20x Optical/100x Digital Zoom 1) Camcorder 2) Battery 3)Unrelated Mini-USB Power Cord 4) 1GB SD Card 5) FireWire Cord (Missing Charger Power Cord) 1
video Canon GL1 Canon GL1 Pro Camera 3CCD. Records using DV Tape. 20x Optical/100x Digital Zoom 1) Camcorder 2) Battery 3) Extra Battery 4) Charger 5) Wall Battery ext. for charger (Missing USB Cord) 1
video Sony Handycam Sony Cybershot Video Camera. Optical and 120x Digital Zoom. Has a Camera feature, nightshot capability. Records by Memory Stick or DV Tape. 1) Camcorder 2) Battery 3) Neck Strap 4) Power Cord/Charger 5) Wide-Angle Lens 6) Lens Bag 7) Remote (Missing USB Cord) 1
tablets Wacom Bamboo Wacom Bamboo USB Tablet. Can use finger-touch or stylus pen 1) Tablet 2) Stylus 3) Installation CD 14
tablets Wacom Bamboo Fun Wacom Bamboo Fun USB Tablet. Stylus use only 1) Tablet 2) Stylus 3) USB Cable 5

Lab Staff

Michael Conrader

College Lab Manager

Andrew Harrington

College Lab Manager, DOC



EDM Lab Accounts are ONLY for students currently enrolled in an EDM class, or for B.F.A. students (even if not currently enrolled in an EDM class).

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Lab Schedule & Hours

The lab is open M-Th, 9am-9pm, Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-5pm. It is open regular hours on days when the College is open but there are no classes.