The Robinson Center for Graphic Arts and Communication Design at the CCNY Art Department


The B.A. Major in Art with a Concentration in Digital Design

Students who wish to follow a liberal arts degree can major in art with a concentration in digital design.
Declare your Major in Art (111) with a concentration in Digital Design (DGTLDSGN).

If you follow the BA Major in Art and you want to take courses in addition to the 42 credit major requirements, you can use your 30 free electives to take additional coourses in Electronic Design & Multimedia.

The courses below count toward both BA studio requirements and the BFA requirements.

B.A. Requirements

Art Department Core

These two courses are required by the Art Department, but the credits are counted as part of the General Education/CLAS Requirements.
ART 10000 World Arts, 3 cr.
ART 21000 Writing Requirement, 3 cr.
(CLAS writing requirement for students entering after Fall 05)

Art Department History Requirements

Four Art History courses:
ART 21067 History of Design, 3 cr. or ART 21068 History of Graphic Design, 3 cr.
Plus three Art History coursesat the 20000 level or above (one course from Group I, Visual Arts of the Ancient to Early Modern Worlds and two courses from Group II, Visual Arts of the Modern World)

Total 12 credits

Department Core Requirements

ART 10100 2-D Design, 3 cr.
One 2-D Design Group course, 3 cr.
Choose one from among:
ART 10200, Intro to Drawing.
ART 10400, Intro to Photography.
ART 10500, Intro to Painting.

One 3-D Design Group, 3 cr.
Choose any 10000-level 3-D medium.

Total Department Core 9 credits

Required Digital Design Studio Courses

Students in the DGTLDSGN concentration must take 6 EDM/Digital Design electives including three courses at the 30000 level.

Students should plan to take any necessary prerequisite courses at the 20000 level.

Depending on the courses selected, students may need to take prereqs such as Art 29500 Typography 1, Art 29510 Graphic Design Concepts, Art 29520 Illustration OR Art 29526 2D Imaging for some of the 3/30000-level EDM courses. If not taken as Required Studio Electives, these prereqs. can be taken from among students’ BA free electives.

Total 18 credits.

Required Capstone Course: ART 49590 Digital Design Portfolio (3 credits):
Total 3 credits.

Total credits for the major: 42

EDM B.F.A. & B.A. Courses

These courses can apply toward the B.F.A. requirements or as studio electives for the B.A., or as free electives for the B.A.

ART 29500 Typography, 3 cr.
ART 29510 Graphic Design Concepts, 3 cr.
ART 29520 Illustration, 3 cr.
ART 29526 Computer Imaging and Illustration, 3 cr.
ART 39500 Electronic Design, 3 cr.
ART 39512 Print Production, 3 cr.
ART 39540 Design for the World Wide Web 1, 3 cr.
ART 39550 Multimedia Design 1, 3 cr.
ART 39560 Digital Video, 3 cr.
ART 39590 Critical Issues in Design, Technology and New Media, 3 cr.
ART 49590 Design and Multimedia Portfolio, 3 cr.

ART 29530 Digital Photo 1, 3 cr.
ART 31807 Digital Video 2, 3 cr.
ART 39500 Typography 2, 3 cr.
ART 39530 Digital Photo 2, 3 cr.
ART 39542 Web Animation, 3 cr.
ART 39570 3D Imaging 1, 3 cr.
ART 49510 Electronic Design 2, 3 cr.
ART 49518 Publishing Projects, 3 cr.
ART 49540 Design for the Web 2, 3 cr.
ART 49550 Multimedia 2, 3 cr.
ART 49558 Mulimedia Projects, 3 cr.
ART 49570 3D Imaging 2, 3 cr.
or other art studio electives

For a graduation check, use the Art Department B.A. Studio Art graduation check form.

If you are a transfer student, 60% or 45 credits of the major must be completed at The City College.